Whether you are working in a small company on commission or a large organization on salary, chances are you will need a personal network at some point.

Why should I join the
NWA BYU Management Society?

The NWA BYU Management Society is a unique, global professional organization committed to the vision of “growing moral and ethical leadership around the world.” Established in 1977, the society has grown to nearly one hundred chapters in thirty countries. The chapters, run independently by elected presidents and executive committees, offer opportunities for professionals to enhance their skills while building lasting friendships and meaningful business relationships. Membership in the society provides opportunities for business professionals to serve each other and their communities. It includes not only BYU alumni but any business professionals willing to uphold the society’s values.

Employment Resources

  • Career fairs
  • Webinars on professional skills
  • Partnership with Self-Reliance/LDS Employment

Networking and Building Relationships

  • Networking with local professionals
  • Access to social networking groups
  • Networking with community and church leaders
  • Member-specific groups such as young professionals, women professionals etc.

Service to Community and to BYU

  • Partnership and support of Pathway students with scholarships and mentoring
  • Community service
  • Scholarship programs for students from the local area 

Professional Development

  • Quality speakers on current business topics
  • Gala events and award banquets
  • Golf tournaments
  • Leadership and ethics training seminars

During a time of transition and uncertainty, the BYU Management Society offers stability and support to professionals in the workforce.  The connections you make through your chapter can prove to be invaluable as you look for jobs and opportunities in your area.  However, the society is not here just to help you find a job.  Participation in the NWA BYU Management Society Chapter will help you to build your business connections, develop skills and knowledge, serve your community, and become a strong and more ethical leader, wherever you may be in the world.  

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